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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Episode 57 - 14/10/01 #Comeback

Call it a comeback. By TFC and also by Kristin who has escaped from Vancouver and makes a triumphant hosting return. Mark is back from England, and was expected to make his own comeback but had to withdraw due to an 'unexpected' injury re-occurence. So it's another three person podcast (tri-pod?), reviewing the Portland game, the burgeoning momentum and the still existing problems that the comeback barely hid. There's also talk of Defoe and the upcoming hiding to nothing in L.A. They also picture how the other half will live after the BMO field renovation. Kristin reveals sleepover secrets, Duncan is clearly still pining for Preki, and Tony brings a really strong footy-cliche game. This one is live from the tunnel club, and due to technical difficulties it sometimes kind of sounds like we're at the other end of a tunnel. Apologies. Our sound technicians are being soundly (ha!) whipped as we speak. #Comeback

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